Final Fantasy XV Director Looking Into Level Editor For PC Release

Final Fantasy has been a staple name in the video game industry, a franchise that has spanned several decades. Now that the game has received its latest main installment to the series, Final Fantasy XV, it seems that the developers are nowhere near done with the title.

Instead of starting to hype up the next main installment, developers and certainly the director behind Final Fantasy XV have been working on what’s next for the game world. Recently, Engadget spoke with Hajime Tabata, who is the director behind Final Fantasy XV.

During their interview, we got a bit of news of what the developers are currently working on and their choices towards the game’s overall release. For instance, Hajime Tabata noted that the anime and movie that released for Final Fantasy XV was a test in a sense.

Overall, their goal behind the media releases outside of the game was to further spread the word of the title who may not have even considered the game otherwise. With that said, going through these films and anime would offer the viewer knowledge in the world that could give a better understanding of events within the game.

Likewise, it was a bit odd to see a release of Final Fantasy XV to launch on the mobile platform in what some gamers could see as a lesser experience of the main video game release. This was just another tactic from Square Enix to further give players a means to enjoy Final Fantasy XV as there is a massive market with the mobile platform with a great number of these individuals lacking a console to enjoy the game on.

“There isn’t just one type of Final Fantasy fan. Perhaps some core fans might see this as a lesser experience, but I don’t think that’s true. This is about broadening the audience for the game and the story. This is for those that don’t have a console, those who were unable to play FFXV until now. We wanted to provide a way for people to play everywhere — to try a Final Fantasy game. We’ve also tried to make a game that’s focused on rapid gameplay, one that’s ideal for mobile play.”

Now there’s a focus on expanding the game world and chapters for players to go through. One of those is the PC version release which doesn’t have a specific launch date attached to it yet. While PC gamers were forced to wait for the release of Final Fantasy XV, there will be added benefit of modding.

Hajime Tabata noted that with PC gaming, there is a sense of culture with customization and modding. Currently, the director is looking into a possible level editor to be attached to the game so that players are able to enjoy the game for a long time to come.

“There are were limitations to the game to ensure it ran on consoles, but that’s less of an issue with PCs — especially when it comes to modding. PC gaming has a culture of customization and modification, and we want to ensure that those gamers can do what they want to the game. We’re looking into the possibilities of a dedicated level editor — we want to ensure that gamers will be playing FFXV for a long time to come.”

How this level editor would play out in the video game or how much control players will have remains to be seen. Likewise, it would be interesting to see if this is something that could be benefited from gamers who may have already purchased a copy of the game for consoles.

Be sure to check out Engadget for the full interview with Final Fantasy XV’s director, Hajime Tabata.