The Lost Bear is a Beautiful VR Adventure About a Lost Teddy

Cinematic platforming in a picturesque 3D diorama.

Odd Bug Studio’s debut title for PlayStation 4 goes straight for the heartstrings. The Lost Bear features a quaint, hand-drawn world that pulsates with the mystery of a teddy bear that’s disappeared. To find it, players need to help a young girl named Walnut face her fears within a surreal yet dangerous world.

Lead Director Daniel Robinson revealed The Lost Bear’s narrative was influenced by his younger sister. In development since 2013, the game also draws on eastern European puppet shows, and Playdead’s Limbo, two things that spoke to Robinson and his colleagues. Much of The Lost Bear’s tawny-coloured dioramas are designed to evoke the feeling of being in an actual puppet theatre, which virtual reality helps to intensify.

Robinson explained that getting the mechanics of a 2D game right in VR wasn’t easy; Walnut couldn’t be aware of the player, and tons of work went into making sure nothing broke the immersion. Eventually, an art style that linked 2D illustrations in a 3D space effectively was settled upon.

The Lost Bear will be available through the PlayStation Store later this month.