Amnesia Fortnight Day One Footage Available

Watch the Double Fine team work on the chosen prototypes

Double Fine's “Amnesia Fortnight” began yesterday, with any interested parties able to tune in and watch the team at work on the live stream. But if you didn't manage to catch it yesterday because of work or school or whatever, you can go back and watch footage from that first day on Twitch.

The day has been split into two parts of several hours each, but if you're interested in game development then they're really worth a watch, even if you just have them on in the background. You'll get to see and hear discussion of specifics of game design, and see some prototypes.

Amnesia Fortnight is Double Fine's annual two weeks in which staff get to stop their regular work and work on their own prototypes. This year, it's being organised through Humble Bundle. Those who contribute will get access to the five top-voted prototypes (of an original 23 that were whittled down by vote count over a week) that the team will work on through the fortnight, as well as some older prototypes. If you pay more than the average (currently $7.29, or £4.55 at today's exchange rate), then you'll also get a DRM-free copy of Brazen. And as always, you get to choose how your contribution is split between the developers, the Child's Play charity, and Humble Bundle itself.