Battlefield 1: Crafting Guide | How Scrap Can Unlock Better Battlepacks

On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: The all-new scrap feature can help increase your chances of unlocking legendary weapon skins.


Battlefield 1 changes the way you’ll unlock Battlepacks with the new crafting system.

Instead of multiple tiers of rarity (bronze, silver, gold) you’ll only earn Standard Battlepacks by completing multiplayer matches. Battlepacks are mostly cosmetic — you’ll always find one guaranteed weapon skin, along with either a melee puzzle piece or an XP booster. Collect enough melee weapon puzzle pieces and you’ll unlock a new weapon to use in combat. Not bad, right? But things get more interesting with the “enhanced” and “superior” versions.

Weapon skins come in three rarity levels; special, distinguished and legendary. To increase your chances of unlocking higher rarities, you’ll need to earn a new in-game currency called scrap. Scrap is a major part of the “crafting” meta-game, and an all-new addition to Battlefield. Certain weapon skins can only be unlocked by fulfilling requirements — like playing previous games in the series.

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Crafting Guide | How Scrap Can Unlock Better Battlepacks

At the end of every multiplayer match, certain players that stuck through to the end will earn a Battlepack. Rather than bronze, silver, or gold levels, players will always only earn a Standard Battlepack. After getting a Battlepack, you’ll go to a special menu to break it open, where you’ll gain a random selection of items.

  • What Do You Get For Opening a Battlepack?: 
    • 1 Random Weapon Skin
      • Weapon skins come in 3 rarities: special, distinguished, and legendary.
    • 1 Additional Rare Item
      • Either an XP Booster or a Melee Weapon Puzzle Piece

XP Boosters are special items that temporarily increase the amount of XP you earn online. Melee Puzzle Pieces are fractions of a unique melee weapon model you can equip. Change the shovel to a spade, dagger, or club — there are many cosmetic melee weapons to unlock.

After earning a weapon skin or melee weapon, you’ll have to spend War Bonds (another type of in-game currency) to unlock. War Bonds can also purchase Standard Battlepacks.

  • NOTE: Check back often, as new weapon skins will rotate in periodically. The same set of unlockables won’t remain for long, and new skins will swap in for old.

So where does scrap come in? Let’s explain the purpose of scrap, and why it will help you unlock rare weapon skins.

How Does Scrap Work?

What’s so special about scrap? Scrap is the in-game currency used to purchase Enhanced or Superior Battlepacks. There are three battlepacks in total; here’s the breakdown:

  • Battlepacks Breakdown:
    • Standard Battlepack: Earned by completing multiplayer matches or purchased using war bonds. Lowest chance to earn distinguished / legendary weapon skins.
    • Enhanced Battlepack: Can only be purchased with scrap. Medium chance to earn distinguished / legendary weapon skins.
    • Superior Battlepack: Costs 900 scrap – Can only be purchased with scrap. Highest chance to earn distinguished / legendary weapon skins.

[Note: We don’t know the exact cost of Enhanced / Superior Battlepacks. Check back soon once we learn more closer to wide release.]

The better the Battlepack, the more scrap it will cost, and the higher chance  of earning a legendary weapon skin. You can still earn legendary weapon skins with the Standard Battlepack, but your chances will be slim. No tiers of rarity are locked off. The trick is earning scrap.

  • How to Earn Scrap: Scrap is earned by breaking down unwanted Weapon Skins or Bonus Items. Higher rarity levels will earn you more scrap for breaking them down, and any earned scrap can be used to purchase Enhanced or Superior Battlepacks.

The roster of Weapon Skins available is revised periodically, so it isn’t a bad idea to save scrap and wait for your chance to buy into a Superior Battlepack when the skins you want are available.


Other Ways to Earn Battlepacks

If you’re looking for “free” Battlepacks pre-launch, there are still two ways to get loads of pre-order rewards.

  • Battlefield 1 Ultimate Edition (129.98$)
    • Comes with 14 additional Battlepacks (with Season Pass, early map access, and other bonuses.)
  • Battlefield 1 Early Enlister Deluxe Edition (79.99$)
    • Comes with 5 additional Battlepacks (and other bonuses)
  • MONSTER Energy Drink (Specially Marked)
    • 24 ounce can – 1 Battlepack
    • 4 Pack – 4 Battlepacks
    • 10 Pack – 10 Battlepacks

These are standard battlepacks only, but the rewards you unlock can be converted to scrap and used to purchase higher-tier Battlepacks in the future.

Still have questions about crafting, scrap and Battlepacks? Let us know and we’ll look for an answer!

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