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On PC, PS4 & Xbox One: There are four classes to choose from in Battlefield 1. See what’s new, what’s changed, and how these classes fit into the WW1 era.


Classes are at the center of the Battlefield 1 experience, and your choice determines which role you’ll need to play when spawning into the deadly multiplayer trenches of WW1. Since the big May 6 reveal, information has been revealed and now it’s been confirmed that Battlefield 1 will feature classes very similar to the original four — Assault, Medic, Engineer, and Scout — with a few twists.

Here you’ll find all the info on the classes of Battlefield 1. We’ll break down what weapons and gear are available to each class, and what function they’ll serve in the fight. It won’t be easy picking your favorite of the four base classes, but nobody said war would be easy. Get all the details as they’re revealed in our class breakdown below.

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About Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Classes

[UPDATED 10/12: Updated all class information, kits, and descriptions.]

There are four Infantry Classes and Two Vehicle Classes in Battlefield 1. The new Vehicle Classes spawn you directly into a Biplane / Triplane (Pilot) or into one of three tank types (Tanker) — Light (1 Player), Medium (3 Players), or Heavy (5 Players).

The Engineer role has been removed, with aspects of that kit moved into the Assault class and Vehicle classes. Every kit comes with a standard sidearm pistol, anti-personnel grenade, and survival knife. Primary weapons and gadgets are what sets each class apart.

You’ll also find three elite class kits available to collect. These kits are only found within maps and cannot be selected in the spawn map, and cannot be customized. The powerful elite class kits are similar to finding hero power-ups in Star Wars Battlefront — they’ll give you an instant advantage in the battlefield.

Assault Class

The Assault Kit is designed for fast-moving medium-range combat, and anti-tank or anti-vehicle gears. The heavy explosives this class can equip are also useful for destroying defensive lines, or putting holes in structures. The AT Grenade and AT Mine are powerful anti-vehicle weapons that can be used at close-range or in an ambush. The AT Rocket Gun is a special new weapon that fires a rocket — it can only be used when the player is prone.

Primary Weapon:

  • Submachine Guns
  • Shotguns


  • AT Grenade
  • AT Mine
  • AT Rocket Gun
  • TNT

Medic Class

Medics keep infantry alive and provide anti-personnel support with semi-automatic rifles. They’re the backbone of a good team, and work best in a secondary role surrounded by Assaults, Scouts, and Support. Using Bandage Packs and Syringes, the Medic kit allows a player to heal allies or revive downed soldiers.

Primary Weapon:

  • Semi-automatic Rifles


  • Bandages
  • Syringe

Support Class

This heavy class can keep a team supplied with ammo on the go. Supports are also armed with portable light machine guns to provide suppression fire or help defend a control point. To aid defense, the Support class comes with an anti-personnel tripmine.

Primary Weapon:

  • Light Machine Guns


  • Ammo Crate
  • Tripmine

Scout Class

The light scout is a sniper class that moves in the shadows and uses precision to destroy the enemy. They’re best-suited for long-range combat. To help mark locations or chip armor off vehicles, the scout can equip flare guns or armor-piercing ‘K Bullets’ — specialty rounds designed to punch through steel plates.

Primary Weapon:

  • Bolt-Action / Lever-Action Rifles


  • Flaregun
  • K Bullet

Vehicle Class – Tanker

The new Tanker class replaces the Engineer, and comes equipped with a small-arms long-handled pistol for on-foot combat, but most of the Tanker’s work should be done inside their tank. There are three classes of tank; light, medium, and heavy — instead of finding a tank on the map, the Tanker class spawns inside a tank from the spawn selection screen.

Primary Weapon:

  • Pistol-Carbine


  • Repair Hammer
  • AT Grenades
  • Gas Mask

Vehicle Class – Pilot

Very similar to the Tanker, the Pilot class can select from a predetermined loudout of vehicles in the spawn map screen. Able to select three different classes of plane; light, medium or heavy, the Pilot spawn in the air where they can get right into the action. If a Pilot survives a crash or bails out, they’ll have a pistol-carbine to defend themselves.

Primary Weapon:

  • Pistol-Carbine


  • Repair Hammer
  • Spotting Flare
  • Gas Mask


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