Superhot Video Walkthrough

These video walkthroughs for Superhot will help you reach the Core.

superhot_scr2Superhot can be described as “the most innovative shooter I’ve played in years,” if we’re to go by the in-game lore. It’s a fascinating FPS where time only moves when you move. It feels like a sort of Gunkata simulator, if you’ve ever seen the Christian Bale movie Equilibrium.

With its artistic visual direction and stylized combat, Superhot is unlike anything else out there. Missions require a lot of finesse and several retries, often playing out like a puzzle. If you ever find yourself stuck and confused as to what to do, these walkthroughs should help.

SUPERHOT Walkthrough Part 1

SUPERHOT Walkthrough Part 2

SUPERHOT Walkthrough Part 3

SUPERHOT Walkthrough Part 4

SUPERHOT Walkthrough Part 5 ENDING