Check Out The First Castlevania Netflix Poster

We’ve seen our fair share of bad takes on movie adaptations from popular video game franchises, but now there seems to be a movement in turning these video game franchises into television shows. There have been announcements in the past of a Life is Strange television series along with a new upcoming Mega Man cartoon.

There was also news of an animated Castlevania television series that would be released on Netflix. We’re not too sure about what to expect in the upcoming series, but with a release slated for some time this year, more news about the show will likely be unveiled soon. Today, however, we’re finding out about the first poster art to release for the upcoming Netflix show.

The poster showcases a mature tone with a giant gothic castle and plenty of swarming bats, similar to the original Castlevania video game.

According to the press release on the Netflix press website, we know that the animated series will follow the last surviving member of the Belmont clan as he attempts to save Eastern Europe from extinction.

Interestingly enough, Netflix’s press media center does state that the first season will showcase the first part, which means we could see a defined ending rather than an on-going series. Regardless, we’ll have to keep an eye out for future announcements regarding the upcoming series. Let us know if you plan on watching the series when it launches later this year by leaving us a comment down below.