Life is Strange Receiving Live-Action Digital Series


The episodic adventure game by developers Dontnod Entertainment, Life is Strange, first released back in January of 2015. After the five episodes released for consoles and PC, it quickly became a critical acclaim hit. Now it seems that the video game has sparked interest in a live-action digital series with Legendary Digital Studios.

Announced through the official Life is Strange Tumblr blog, publisher Square Enix unveiled that they are working with Legendary Digital Studios along with dj2 in order to develop a live-action digital series based on the hit video game. Unfortunately, there are plenty of details on this live-action series that has yet to be revealed.

What we know so far is that there’s no mention of cast or writers behind the project. However, it seems that the series will be based on the general story between Max and Chloe. Regardless, the adventure title could easily be adapted to a live-action series, but because there are plenty of choices to be made throughout the game, it will be interesting to see how the story unfolds and if it will make a certain ending to the game cannon.

If you have yet to play Life is Strange then it’s worth noting that the first episode is available for free. Overall the story follows Max Caulfield along with her friend Chloe Price. The two reunite after a year of absence to uncover a missing person case and thanks to Max’s newly discovered powers to rewind time, players can adjust choices they make throughout the game.