Mega Man Animated Kids Show Announced

Mega Man Legacy Collection

Mega Man is about to get his very own show, again. That’s right, Mega Man had a cartoon show titled Mega Man back in the 1990s and today we’re getting word that a brand new animated series is in the works for a debut in 2017.

Capcom has been talking about bringing a new Mega Man animated kids show for a good while now and it seems that with a partnership with Dentsu Entertainment and DHX Media, the robotic character will once again attempt at keeping kids from the ages of six to nine years old entertained.

The show is said to follow Aki Light, who is an alter-ego of Mega Man and an upbeat schoolboy robot. However, Aki has the ability to form an impenetrable nanocore armor along with a Mega Buster arm cannon when danger lurks about.

Mega Man animated design

Fans of the Mega Man video game franchise will also notice some returning characters such as Rush. Additionally, there will be new characters introduced to the universe like the character Mega Mini.

Even though Mega Man has not seen any new installments to his franchise in a number of years, there has been a steady supply of past Mega Man games being re-released. Furthermore, Mega Man has been involved in a few other video game franchises in the past like Super Smash Bros.

It will be interesting to see just how well this Mega Man animated kids show will do in a generation of kids who have likely never played any of the original video game titles. Perhaps this will allow Capcom to revisit the Mega Man series and release a reboot.