Nintendo Switch Will Have A Day One Patch

Nintendo has been working hard at delivering a dedicated video game console which is known as the Nintendo Switch. This console is launching in a matter of days, but the gaming giant has announced that the Switch will have a day one patch.

The Nintendo Switch console is lacking in a variety of areas for some gamers. This ranges from the lack of a strong video game launch lineup, no streaming application support, and we’ve even been alerted of the system releasing without an internet browser.

So what will this day one patch bring? It turns out that Nintendo is fully aware of at least one problem that the console would face due to the lack of an internet browser. This day one patch will be focused on online gaming. One of the main aspects that will be added into the system is a web applet that will allow gamers to accept terms of use when connecting online through various hotspots.

Furthermore, there will be additional network features being added into such as the Nintendo eShop, social media, the ability to link Nintendo Accounts to your Nintendo Switch console, and more.

With the Nintendo Switch launching on March 3, 2017, it’s nice knowing that at least one concern is already being fixed for gamers. With that said, there are still several uncertainties such as how long gamers will really be able to enjoy their video games on-the-go due to the battery life. We’ll know more about the console once it finally launches into the market next month.