Path of Exile: The Legacy Challenge League Ushers in New Era of Adventure

According to an announcement on Grinding Gear Games’ blog, Path of Exile is receiving a fresh content update which includes Solo-Self Found mode and a whole host of other improvements.

Content update 2.6.0 is set to launch from March 3, and will bring the following features to the game:


  • The Ultimate Flashback Event: Mix and match Leaguestones that grant the seventeen previous challenge leagues to create your own Path of Exile experience.
  • Discover Exclusive Items: Find league-exclusive items from the past as well as special Relics – unique items with their previous balance values intact.
  • Solo Self-Found Mode: Demonstrate your mastery of Path of Exile without trading or teaming up with other players, in this optional mode.
  • Balance Changes: Content Update 2.6.0 has significant improvements to the Passive Skill Tree, modifications to weapon implicit mods, changes to area of effect and more.
  • New Content: We’ve added a set of over a dozen new Threshold Jewels, 10 powerful new unique weapons and armour pieces, a new unique Strongbox and five new Rogue Exiles.

The next huge expansion for Path of Exile will drop later this year. Titled Path of Exile 3.0.0: The Path of Orion, players will be given access to six new acts of content coming to Xbox One in addition to PC.