Path of Exile Will Make Its 2017 Debut Exclusively On Xbox One

Grinding Gear Games announced today that their hit online ARPG Path of Exile will be coming exclusively to Xbox One in 2017. The Xbox One version of the game will contain all five previous expansions and the new content that will be launching for the PC versions this year in the upcoming giant 3.0.0 expansion, including the long-awaited Act V.

Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. The game is built upon a foundation of  a strong online item economy, deep character customization, and unlimited replayability. Path of Exile is completely free and does not sell items or consumables that gives one player a competitive advantage over others. Since its initial release in 2013, it has received five large expansions.

The key features of Path of Exile include:

  • Download and play for free, but never pay to win
  • A dark and involved action RPG
  • Unlimited character combinations with the game’s massive skill tree
  • Combine skill gems to create unique combat strategies
  • Explore a dark and gritty world rendered from a fixed 3D perspective
  • Craft weapons, magic items, and even end-game maps to become more powerful
  • Cooperate or compete with thousands of other Exiles in a continual online world
  • Ascend online ladders in every game mode

“For three years, PC players have enjoyed Path of Exile’s visceral combat, deep character customization and addictive item hunt,” said Chris Wilson,
co-founder of Grinding Gear Games. “We have spent over a year adapting Path of Exile specifically to the Xbox One, creating an experience equivalent to playing with mouse and keyboard on PC.”