Meet Kolin, Street Fighter 5’s Newest Character Gets Introduction Trailer

Kolin was revealed a couple of weeks ago, and Capcom has released a character introduction video explaining more about her origins, fighting style, and what makes her unique.

Community manager Matt Edwards gives us a character introduction starting with her history. Kolin first appeared in Street Fighter III as an NPC, and is a member of the Secret Illuminati Organization. Kolin was gifted with the power of ice, and she sure sends a shiver down the spine with her devastating attacks.

Kolin’s V-Skill is a lunging strike that can be blocked, but also can lead to combos. It also functions as a counter. Her V-Trigger shoots her a path of sharp icicles that shoot the head, or stop the opponent’s stun gauge from recovering.

Although her damage output may not be the highest in the game, her true boon is her technical fighting style that involves around being pretty crafty. ¬†According to the video, “Kolin suits the kind of player who likes to play mind games.” Her strength lies in her counters.

Kolin is set to make her debut on February 28th 2017.