Nintendo Releases Two New Switch Trailers Showcasing Multiplayer & Portability

Nintendo has released two brand new trailers on their YouTube channel showcasing the Switch’s capabilities of portability and multiplayer.

The new trailers are both surrounded by different games. The first one is a general overall gameplay look at the Nintendo Switch multiplayer modes from games like Mario Kart 8, Just Dance 2017, and 1-2-Switch. Watch the new trailer down below:

The second trailer is primarily focused on 1-2-Switch, a title compact with 28 minigames. The trailer also shows how the new devices ability to take the system on the road while having some good multiplayer fun. Watch the second trailer down below:

The Nintendo Switch is primarily a home console, however, the beauty of the console is its ability to transport with ease. This is Nintendo’s biggest selling point with the hardware, as they keep reminding us of how easy it is to ‘Switch!’ and take the console on the go or dock it at home.

We recently learned for information about 1-2-Switch and its minigames. As mentioned before, the game will come packed with 28 minigames that will vary very wide. Some games will have players sword fighting, while others will make you rock you Switch asleep as if it were a baby. Check out some of the new 1-2-Switch minigames right here.

The Nintendo Switch is set to make its debut on March 3.