Post-Apocalyptic Meets Marvel in This Iron Man Fallout 4 Fusion Trailer

The worlds of comic book aficionados and Fallout 4 players worldwide have been intertwined in an animated trailer of Iron Man (2008) set in Fallout 4‘s classic post-apocalyptic universe. YouTube user UpIsNotJump says the video is an animated version of Iron Man made using a power armour modified Fallout 4 showcase.

This isn’t the first time UpIsNotJump has exercised his creative skills in a media mashup; His former pieces include the We Are Number One meme from LazyTown, the Justice League trailer, a new Rick and Morty episode (with a slightly NSFW introduction) and the first season trailer of hit TV series Breaking Bad, all reimagined through a Fallout 4 lens.

All the characters, sound effects and scenes have been carefully arranged so they align perfectly with the live cinematic trailer. Interested viewers can browse the remainder of UpIsNotJump’s collection (which includes Game of Thrones recreated in Skyrim and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story with a Fallout reskin) here.