Walter White Cooks Some Chems As Breaking Bad’s Trailer Remade In Fallout 4

Heisenberg comes to the Commonwealth in this new video from UpIsNotJump‘s YouTube channel, which recreates shot-for-shot the Season One trailer for AMC’s Breaking Bad in Fallout 4 using various mods. Check it out in the above video.

The next Fallout 4 DLC, Far Harbor, will be released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on Thursday, May 19th for $24.99. It features the largest area ever created for a Bethesda DLC and the trailer is somewhat creepy – you can watch it here.

Far Harbor is also available as part of the game’s Season Pass which increased in price in March to account for the DLC’s size and additional content to come. Bethesda has not yet announced the other add-ons that players can expect for Fallout 4 but may do so during their E3 press conference next month.

Automatron, which added a new settlement, storyline, and the ability to craft your own robotic companions, launched in March. It was followed by Wasteland Workshop, which introduced the ability to tame wild creatures and force them to fight for you in an arena, was released last month.

Breaking Bad is no longer on TV, of course, but its spin-off Better Call Saul is entertaining in its own and just like your Fallout 4 character, Saul is a lawyer.