Fan Recreates Justice League Trailer In Fallout 4

You’ve likely stumbled upon a Fallout 4 recreation video by YouTube content creator UpIsNotJump. We’ve even featured some of his previous creations here at Gameranx. This time around, the gamer recreated the Justice League Comic-Con trailer, check it out in full within the video posted above.

As mentioned, UpIsNotJump has recreated a variety of media through Fallout 4. This includes Rick and Morty, Star Wars Rogue One, Suicide Squad, among various others. Today, his latest creation tackles on the Justice League trailer.

“This video is the New Justice League Trailer from Comic Con REMADE in Fallout 4 using mods. Including all the new characters, faces and outfits designed in Fallout 4. Among them we have the full Justice League team: Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Cyborg all remade “perfectly” in Fallout 4.

Comic-con brought with it a ton of new movie trailers and footage, it seems like every comic book property is being adapted into a movie, film or TV show. Given that the reveal of the new Justice League Footage is as big as the new Civil War or Batman VS Superman Trailer I dropped everything to get it remade in Fallout 4 and not unlike my Civil War video I have remade the whole trailer shot for shot in Fallout 4.

I have been remaking all the best comic book stuff, TV Shows and movies in Fallout 4 over the last few months. Generally the Fallout 4 comic book remakes go down well because of the huge number of Super Heroes and Villains you get to see remade, as well as all their costumes.. Because Fallout 4 is so simple to mod you get to see some pretty intense recreations. I’d go as far to say that out of all the computer game videos I have made the Justice League trailer was the most suited for this style of remake in Fallout 4.”