Riders of Icarus Gets Blight of Frost Keep Update


Riders of Icarus is an MMORPG from Nexon that’s all about taming and collecting monsters and mounts. The team behind the game have now expanded what they offer here with a new major content update.

With Blight of the Frost Keep, the level cap increases to 35 as they launch a new zone for players to explore. There are three new main locations arriving with this update.

  • Cavern of the Veil: You need to be level 28 and above to enter this underground labyrinth. Be careful, as this is the home to a slew of powerful bosses. But look deep within this place, and you shall find a rare mount hidden within.
  • The Frost Keep: The center of the update is the new Frost Keep dungeon, a newly added challenge for anyone level 34 and above. This fortress is the lair of the Frost Guard group and their mysterious leader. Running around the area are a few ghostly mounts to collect and tame.
  • Parna’s Coast: This is the high-level region that’ll serve as the connecting point for this new content. Explore these misty mountains and hunt the new mounts running about the snow-covered fields. The area comes with a new Field Raid to take on with your buddies. Watch out for the Cold Wave and Severe Cold effect that’s looming over the lands.

If that wasn’t enough for you, there’s also now the ability to forge alliances with other guilds. This will come in handy whenever a large scale PVP war breaks out. The full update is posted on their website, if you want more details.

Riders of Icarus is available on their website. To stay in the know about updates, follow their Twitter and Facebook.