Fan Creates New Rick and Morty Episode Through Fallout 4

It’s not unusual to see fans take a video game medium in order to create something new and unique. For instance, the open world video game, Fallout 4, is a perfect setting to create content to later upload for others to enjoy. Today, we’re learning that another Rick and Morty fan video was created through Bethesda’s Fallout 4 video game. Check it out in the video posted above.

The video comes from content creator UpIsNotJump, who we previously featured earlier this month for his original Rick and Morty upload. This time around, the video is labeled as part two of Rick and Morty’s best scenes. It’s also worth mentioning that the content creator took the use of mods to help create some of the most memorable moments from the Rick and Morty animated cartoon.

“Part 2 of Rick and Morty remade in Fallout 4 with a bunch of mods. To see part 1 of the best Rick and Morty scenes in Fallout 4 be sure to check out my channel.

This time I have compiled the best scenes from Season 2 of Rick and Morty and remade them in Fallout 4. Part 3 will be a mixture of the best scenes left over from season 1 and 2 of Rick and Morty.

Season 2 of Rick and Morty has loads more characters than season 1 so I tried to capture this using the Fallout 4 character creation tools. You should hopefully be able to make out who is who. (I kept Morty looking terrifying as I think it suits him).

I raided Nexus mods as usual to create the best scenes from Rick and Morty in Fallout 4 as accurately as possible, the best mod by far allows you to place any item anywhere within Fallout 4, meaning creating the best possible Rick and Morty sets isn’t actually so hard.”

If Rick and Morty doesn’t particularly interest you then you can still go through UpIsNotJump’s video uploads for other shows and films recreated within the Fallout universe.