Fan Remakes Rick and Morty Through Fallout 4

YouTube content creator UpIsNotJump has published a number of gameplay videos that recreates shows and movies. For instance, you can find trailers from Breaking Bad, Suicide Squad, and Rogue One, which was all created through Fallout 4. Today a new video has been posted a new Fallout 4 video that recreates select memorable moments from the hit animated show Rick and Morty.

Within the animated sitcom science fiction show Rick and Morty, the storyline follows an alcoholic scientist Rick as he goes onto misadventures with his grandson Morty. The show has been highly received with the series going two seasons strong.

“It’s the greatest cartoon TV show of all time meeting Fallout 4, the greatest video game of last year. A match made in heaven. Basically I watched all of season 1 of Rick and Morty twice, and picked the best scenes, all with the goal of recreating a cartoon in a video game. Some said it shouldn’t be done, others said I was crazy. They were probably right.

So when asked by my subscriber ‘Rick’ to remake the best scenes of Rick and Morty in Fallout 4 I couldn’t refuse! Rick and Morty you say, the greatest television show of all time? Hell, I did The Walking Dead in Fallout 4 (which I absolutely adore) so why not an even better show?

Now instead of searching for the best scenes of Rick and Morty and watching something you have already seen, you can enjoy your favorite cartoon scenes reanimated in video game form, Fallout 4 style.”

Take a look at the Rick and Morty Fallout 4 themed video up above and check out the UpIsNotJump YouTube channel for other Fallout 4 themed recreation videos.