HoloGrid: Monster Battle Nearly Reaches Kickstarter Goal With Five Days Left

HoloGrid: Monster Battle is an upcoming augmented reality board game that makes use of physical cards along with an iOS or Android handset. However, before the game can enter production, the Kickstarter campaign needs to be successful and developers Tippett Studio along with HappyGiant are nearly there.

There is a total of five days left of the Kickstarter campaign where the pledged goal for this campaign to succeed is $100,000. As it stands right now, the campaign has reached over $76,000 and it’s calling for anyone interested in playing on an augmented reality board game that has VFX legend Phil Tippett attached to the project.

You’ve likely seen Phil Tippett’s work as he helped create a number of monster creatures for Hollywood blockbuster films such as the Star Wars franchise. With this game, players will be able to battle against one another with the variety of makeshift monsters Phil Tippett has personally created.

Through the press release sent out today, it was stated that the upcoming HoloGrid: Monster Battle game will not have any microtransactions. Instead, players will have the full game from the start, but as new packs of cards are released, players can pick them up to use for game matches.

If you want to get yourself a copy of the game then you can pledge a minimum of $25 to enter the Early Bird Access tier on Kickstarter. Within this tier, players will have access to one boxed copy of HoloGrid: Monster Battle along with two card packs, two champions, six minions, five spells, and one game board card.