Nintendo Switch Will Possibly Sell as Much as Wii, Says Nintendo President

According to a series of tweets from Dr. Serkan Toto, the CEO of Japanese game consultancy Kantan Games, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima believes that Nintendo Switch is likely to sell as well as the Nintendo Wii. The statements come from a recent interview with Nikkei, where Kimishima admitted that the previous fiscal year was a ‘bottom’ year for Nintendo, but said the company’s financial performance would improve in 2017. With the effort invested into Super Mario Run and the rapidly approaching launch of the Nintendo Switch, Kimishima’s forecast could very well prove true.

Thanks to Dr. Toto’s translations, we know that Kimishima has visions for the Switch and 3DS to run parallel to one another, rather than have the Switch make the 3DS obsolete. Similar to when Nintendo Wii was first introduced back in 2006, the Switch is set to offer players a unique way of experiencing games – which is currently set at a tally of over 100 games, a figure which is likely to increase, especially with the possibility of virtual reality titles.