Nintendo Kimishima Interview; Mobile Details, Profits In Three Years To Exceed Wii And DS Era

Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima shared new details with Japanese publication Nikkei regarding their mobile games, including Miitomo, and Nintendo’s still broad ambitions.

Nintendo plans quick global deployment of their mobile apps, to translated in eight languages and distributed in more than 100 countries immediately. Their goal is to get as many as 100 to 200 million members in My Nintendo. Presumably, these are the goals for mobile, from whom Nintendo will then attempt to convert as many users to console owners as possible.

While Miitomo’s delay was unwelcome, it was no surprise from Nintendo. As expected ,they are taking more time to polish the game up, as well as to promote it. There will be monetization for Miitomo, in the form of sales for Mii outfits and charges for mini-games within Miitomo. It’s likely these games will be similar to the 3DS StreetPass Mii Plaza games, which are among the most popular features of the 3DS.

Nintendo has definitely not lost their amibition. While still not sharing any NX details, Kimishima promises it will be a totally new gaming experience. They also expect to be very profitable within three years time. In fact, Nintendo thinks they can exceed what they reached during the 7th generation of consoles, with the Wii and DS.