Shenmue 3:Ys Net Done With Planning, Now Map Testing

Ys Net has released their first major update for Shenmue 3, now in its third month of development.

They are now out of the planning stage and starting map testing. This involves creating and testing spaces to figure out if they are too big or too small, and making the necessary alteration. By these changes, they hope to reach what they call the Goldilocks zone. In this way, they will be doing the hard work of putting the people, places, and objects into the game world.

Ys Net has screenshots to share, but these are placeholders and not indicative of the final quality. Our cover image of a battle scene was purposely angled this way, not to look cool, but to avoid spoilers. Ys Net reports the studio is in high spirits again, as they are finally starting testing some of these ideas out.

Ys Net also told backers that surveys are still in the process of being made, and they shared a new longform interview with Yu Suzuki, alongside some pics and production art.

How do you feel about Shenmue 3 three months in? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.