Overwatch’s Newest Character Is A Starcraft eSports D.Va

Blizzard has revealed a new character for Overwatch, and it’s a cameo from Starcraft, in a way.

No, this isn’t a Heroes of the Storm like crossover. Instead, Blizzard has brought in real life eSports team Meka.TT, sponsored by ThermalTake and their Meka keyboard.

Hana Song, AKA D.Va, is the # 1 ranked Starcraft player in Overwatch’s game world. She reached this accolade at age 16 and went on to stay undefeated for the next three years. Hana is a beloved international star, representing her home country of Korea. Now, however, she has taken a step back from eSports to take up arms and protect her homeland, presumably as part of Overwatch.

We only have this concept art for now, but hopefully we will be seeing how Hana looks in-game – and maybe what relevance they can bring out of her eSports expertise.

How do you like D.Va? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Overwatch is planned for release on Windows and consoles.