Warner Bros. Teases Announcement for March; Font Stylized Similar to Arkham Titles

Last year, there was a rumor floating around that Warner Bros. has been working on a new Arkham title, featuring the caped crusader’s son — Damian Wayne. However, sadly the studio never went through with the announcement, but rather that they were canceling their take on a Suicide Squad game.

Just recently, though, Warner Bros. has once again emerged and it seems like they might be teasing the fans. A new image PR image has been popping up (via IGN France) that an announcement will be happening next month on March 8. The image has the font that is stylized in other Arkham games, most notably Arkham Origins, the game Warner Bros. developed.

warner bros

This is still all speculation until next month. Warner Bros. could totally be pulling our leg and once March 8 comes instead of announcing the rumored Batman game, they announce a sequel to the rumored Shadow of Mordor 2.

I guess we will have to wait until March 8th to officially find out what WB Games have up their sleeves. Stay tuned to Gameranx as we will continue to follow the story and bring you the fastest updates on the announcement.