Rumor: New Details on WB Montreal’s Batman Title Leak

Earlier this week we learned that WB Montreal had canceled their Suicide Squad game. Apparently, it didn’t manage to impress the studio executives at WB to grant them more time with the game. Instead, the developers decided to switch gears and focus entirely on their new Batman title, which is rumored to center around Bruce’s son Damian Wayne.

There has been plenty of leaks and rumors suggesting that WB Montreal’s next Batman game would focus on Damian; even Kotaku’s own Jason Schreier mentioned it. However, new details have emerged about the unannounced game from a Reddit AMA page. The Reddit page features user TheLeakguin, in which this person states that they are working on the game and have inside information.


First off, TheLeakguin confirms that the game will focus on Damian Wayne. The reason behind this is due to the fact that it will be easier to sell to the audience. Many fans wanted a Batman Beyond game starring Terry McGinnis, however, WB believed a Damian Wayne game would fit better because of the established relationship Bruce and Talia had in Arkham City.

“Damian is easier to sell on the logic of “Bruce banged Talia years back and she had a kid in secret.” It lines up with their relationship in Arkham City. A big part of Terry’s character is that he is related to Bruce but it’s much more complicated than Damian’s relation. Since this game isn’t futuristic like Batman Beyond, the idea was to not use Terry so people don’t get mad that it’s not the same setting as the show.”

This tidbit had a lot of people mad simply because Terry is a more likable character than Damian. In the comics and animated movies, Damian shows slight arrogance due to the fact his grandfather is Ra’s al Ghul. However, TheLeakguin mentions that this version of Damian has a lot more personality to him, making him more likable.

“Damian in this game has a lot of his personality traits. Combine Terry, Damian from the comics, Robin and Nightwing from the games, and Bruce from the games.”

Not only does TheLeakguin confirm Damian as the main protagonist, but also gives more detail to the world WB Montreal is building. Apparently, this game will take place 10 years into the future, making the game in the future, but not too far in the future. We also learned that Two-Face will be in the game, but under his alter-ego personality — the Executioner; alongside a new version of Black Mask.

“The game is set a little over a decade after Arkham Knight. Bruce acts like he does in the Beyond series and has streaks of grey in his hair. Think Mr. Fantastic I guess. In regards to Two-Face…yes. However, he also puts a huge emphasis on being the executioner and being the one to carry out justice. Lots of similarities between his mentality and Red Hood.”

“Black Mask is a female. Black Mask is actually quite different in this game. It’s become more of a title to protect whoever is in charge. It’s stated that his gang went through many leadership changes over that decade (with each being killed). The most recent person to take the position is a woman.”

These rumors of Two-Face returning, Black Mask being female and the game being set 10 years in the future have been circling the web for quite some time now. TheLeakguin knows this and decides to give some new information regarding the new Bat-suit that Damian will be dawning.

“Think Beyond suit mixed with Hellfire mixed with Batman’s suit from Arkham Knight. It’s armored with a big red Bat logo. Batman’s eyes are red instead of white. The cape is metallic. It’s sick as f*ck.”

The suit seems to be a mix of Batman Beyond and the suit Bruce wears in Arkham Knight, which does sound pretty cool. This also seems like this was the suit that we were teased at the end of Arkham Knight, the Red-suited Batman that is still keeping watch over Gotham. TheLeakguin states that the unannounced game will act as both a soft reboot for the franchise, while still being a direct sequel to Arkham Knight.


“Soft reboot! It’s a direct sequel to Arkham Knight, so you will see the outcome of Knightfall. However, it’s a reboot in the sense that it’s a new character and a new introduction to everything.”

As exciting as this all sounds, I must say you should take all of this with a grain of salt. None of this has been confirmed, all rumors and leaks up to this point. TheLeakguin states he has been working on the game and is very excited for it to release; also urges readers to trust in the claims that are being made until more info comes out.

“I guess just trust me and wait until more info comes out that matches what I’ve said. You’ll see in time I suppose. I’ll keep updating you guys so when the trailer is out, you all will know a great deal.”

The unannounced Damian Wayne Batman game is scheduled to release on PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox Scorpio, PC, and mumbles about a Nintendo Switch version. TheLeakguin mentions there will be more info shared to tomorrow, however, remember to take all of this with a grain of salt.

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