Report: Suicide Squad Game Canceled by WB Montreal, Shifts Focus to New Damian Wayne Batman Title

Update: The official website of WB Montreal has been suspended. Will update when the site goes back live.

The studio behind the prequel to the Arkham Series, Arkham Origins, has reportedly canceled development on their upcoming Suicide Squad game.

The news comes from sources at Kotaku, where they state that the game didn’t manage to impress the Warner Bros executives enough to grant them more time to continue the project. The report also mentions that the game has been in development for quite some time now; almost surpassing a two-year mark.

However, due to the lack of impression of executive heads and “a long period of turbulence at WB Montreal”, the team decided to cancel the project.

Suicide Squad

Sources say that now WB Montreal is shifting focus to their next DC title, an unannounced Damian Wayne game. Earlier this month Kotaku’s own, Jason Schreier, went on record saying that the new Damian Wayne Batman game was scheduled to be announced in early December.

However, we have yet to receive any sort of tease indicating this will happen. The Kotaku report suggests that announcement may be pushed back due to all of the shake ups over at WB Montreal.

The Suicide Squad game wasn’t detailed heavily, but it was said to be an open world co-op game. WB Montreal made their first nod to the Suicide Squad in the post credits of Arkham Origins; and it followed up with another tease in the PS Vita title, Arkham Origins: Blackgate.