Vainglory Update 2.1 Brings a New Gameplay Mode and More

Today Super Evil Megacorp released update 2.1 for Vainglory. This MOBA is unique because it is built specifically for a touchscreen. The newest features that will release with this update include:

  • Blitz Mode Beta is a new gameplay format for Vainglory’s first five-minute sessions. Blitz is the first mode ever in the game to have a countdown timer and a definitive end. Players win by either reaching 15 points or running out of time. This ensures fast and fun gameplay that is engaging.
  • The Epic Mystery Chest gives players the opportunity to get any hero or skin in the Market, including all of the Special Edition skins that usually cost tons of Opals. The Mystery Chest already in the game will be renamed to the Rare Mystery Chest.
  • Vainglory Supporter Badge is awarded to players who bought ICE in the past 30 days. There will be a new signifier on the VS screen of every match to showcase the badge
  • New Hero Skins are included with this update, the new “Wuxia” Ozo (Rare) skin and “Gladiator” Lance (Epic) are now available.
  • Lunar New Year Map will celebrate the Lunar New Year, with the Halcyon Fold turning festive. There will be red paper lanterns, fireworks, and golden statues to ring in the Year of the Rooster.
  • Gameplay Changes include the Halcyon Fold, hero bounties, crystal minor updates, skin preferences, and hero and item balancing.

You can read more about this new update on the Vainglory official blog.