Rocket League Reaches Stunning Milestone; Over 1 Billion Games Played

Who would have thought that the small indie game from Pysonix, Rocket League, would still be a topic of discussion of 2017? The game manages to keep players interested and it shows as Pysonix has just released some very impressive milestone stats.

Over on Twitter, Pysonix announced that there were over 1 billion matches played since launch and half of them were on the competitive level. Pysonix thanks their loyal fans for allowing them to achieve such a milestone within so little time stating:  “Thank you for our amazing players for continuing to make Rocket League one of the best communities and games around.”

Alongside 1 billion matches played, Rocket League has also received more than 25 million players to play their game. These milestones are absolutely staggering, and its even more mind boggling since it’s a indie developer.

Rocket League is available now to play on all platforms.