Leaked Overwatch Lines Point to Special Valentine’s Day Event

As Overwatch’s winter themed event wraps up, Blizzard is quick on the move for their next event for the game, which seems to be Valentine’s Day.

A user on Reddit found leaked audio clips suggesting that a Valentines Day event is coming to Overwatch. The newly voice over lines are between Mercy and Genji where they talk about exchanging chocolates. And as we all know, Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go together like Santa on Christmas morning so there’s really no confusing what’s going on here.

Listen to the new lines here.


In addition to the new Valentine’s Day themed lines, the leaked page also shows off some other new random lines; including some characters new year resolutions. You could also check those out in the link above.

Overwatch is starting off 2017 strong by announcing a nerf coming to some key characters, including Roadhog. In addition, actor and PC elitist Terry Crews is asking the internet for help to get him to voice the unannounced character, Doomfist.