The Walking Dead Season 3’s First Episode Will be Double the Fun

Often the best part of any game is the epic opening cutscene or opening gameplay. Telltale Game’s knows this, and so when they made Walking Dead Season 3 they decided to go big on their first episode. Now the first episode has ended up being too big. So Telltale Games decided to give the fans two-part premiere episode.

The episode is entitled “The Ties That Bond”, has been given a new trailer which was shown at The Game Awards. The trailer shows players the difficulties of a family who are struggle to deal with the transformation of their grandfather into a flesh eating zombie.


There will be a Season Pass Disc made available for Xbox One and Ps4 as well as digital copies of course. Players are required to have an internet connection though, as unfortunately the disc will only contain the first episode, and thus players will need to download the rest of the game. Both parts to the first episode will launch on December 20th.