Absolver Delivers Ultra Fluid Melee Action One Punch At a Time

In development since 2015, Absolver is French independent developer Sloclap’s masked martial-arts RPG with an edgy, Dark Souls skin. Since its E3 reveal trailer the highly anticipated fighting game has gathered widespread attention, including a spot in our top upcoming fighting video games of 2017.


Absolver lets you assume the identity of a warrior who awakens with a mysterious mask attached to their face. The mask liberates you from basic human necessities such as hunger, thirst, and even death. Using its awesome power, you must wander forsaken lands, acquire weapons, gear and armour, and build a team of unified warriors who will swear to fight by your side.

Players will be able to create their own style of combat by arranging attacks in their combat deck, and execute devastating attacks, dodges and parries in solo duels or three-on-three melee battles. Combat will be split into a PvP/PvE system, the latter offering players the chance to battle in co-op mode to retrieve rare loot items. An online multiplayer action and narrative feature is designed to add tense, emotional interactions with lasting consequences for future battles.

Absolver is expected for release in 2017 for PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One. Follow the game on Twitter for the latest news.