Zelda: Majora’s Mask has a Breathtaking CGI Animated Short Film

Ember Lab’s vision of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask pays homage to Nintendo’s iconic franchise in a high resolution production detailing Skull Kid’s origin story.


Described as “a gift to the fans”, the short film begins by showing the Happy Mask Salesman despondently playing an organ. His thoughts are audible in an ominous voiceover, which forewarns of Majora’s Mask devastating power. Suddenly, the film transitions to a lush, open forest, where the Skull Kid shivers at the base of a tree as two fairies approach him. The visuals are a smooth blend of realistic textures and stylised characters, a far cry from the polygon days of the Nintendo 64. Check out Ember Lab’s creation here.

Theophany, the sound designer of Oxenfree contributed the atmospheric music for the film. It is a companion piece to his recently released album, Time’s End II, which is dedicated to the “beautiful and nightmarish world of Majora’s Mask”. You can get Time’s End II for free or support the artist on Bandcamp at a name your own price.