The Game Awards Bans Fan-Made Nintendo Creations


This year’s The Game Awards was set to offer a Best Fan Creation category for fan-made content, including mods and fan projects of popular games.

Unfortunately, a few of those games infringed upon Nintendo’s copyrights, prompting the organization to remove two of the four nominations.

Project A2MR, or “Another Metroid 2 Remake”, as well as Pokémon Uranium we removed from the running. Nintendo is notoriously anal-retentive about maintaining its copyrights, going so far as to issue Cease and Desist notices to fan creations far into development, and restricting any revenue Let’s Play personalities can receive from YouTube by forcing the platform to issue all advertising revenue to the company.

The only two nominees left are Brutal Doom 64, a fan project that offers the classic DOOM experience with modern gameplay and brutality; and Enderal: The Shards of Order, a huge Skyrim mod.

The Game Awards take place on December 1.