The Lord of the Rings Online MMO Will Soon Add Mordor Region

The Lord of the Rings Online is an MMORPG from developers Turbine, Inc. Originally released to the public back in 2007, the game is still going strong. Fans really enjoy exploring the vast fantasy world, but one area that has yet to make it on the video game, oddly enough, has been Mordor. Now fans will soon get the chance to dwell in the land of Mordor in the next upcoming expansion.

Best of all when it comes to the game, players won’t have to wait very long for The Lord of the Rings Online to receive an update. This expansion, known as Update 19: March of the King, will be releasing on October 17, 2016. To be clear, this update will take players to the doorstep of Mordor rather letting players freely explore, but that will soon come.

Thanks to a livestream from the development team, it was revealed that the Mordor region would be released fully next year after the game reaches its 10th anniversary. While gamers wait for the full Mordor region to release, the Update 19: March of the King may help fill in that gap. Through the livestream, which you can watch in full above, the developers discuss some of the elements that players will likely notice from the start.

Likewise, gamers can read the full patch notes for the update right here, which will break down the new classes updates, cosmetic pets, festival changes, and more.