Halo 4 Offers Intelligent Spawn System, Randomized Ordinances, No Fall Damage

halo 4 multiplayer

Information about Halo 4 is flooding out of its developers as they continue to present the game to the general public. Speaking to a number of pro-gamers and to BravoMLG, 343i revealed a host of new details about the upcoming shooter, with exclusive details about the Halo 4's competitive online gameplay.

Among the first things they revealed was that the spawn system is getting a complete overhaul. Grenades will influence spawns, as will looking at a spawn spot, so players will not die upon spawning. That said, there is a slight chance that they can spawn at these locations, but it'll simply be less likely as the new system will put them somewhere safer.

In addition to the new spawning system, all maps will offer more spawn points. The developers at 343i found that just adding more spawn points gave players a better experience and allowed them a good chance to spawn in safer locations.

Loadouts play a bigger role in team-based matches because it allows players to tailor their loadouts around what their teammates have.

The contents of ordinance drops are random, and can offer a variety of different pick-ups. They are however tailored to every map, so close range maps wouldn't provide you with a rocket launcher in an ordinance drop.

The developer has confirmed the existence of the human shotgun, which wasn't present at its demo in E3. Additionally, there will be no fall damage in the game so players will be free to traverse each map without worrying about falling to their deaths.

343i will be looking at game balance throughout the lifespan of Halo 4 to ensure that the game remains competitive at a high level.

Halo 4 will be released on November 6 for the Xbox 360.