Here They Lie Confirmed As PlayStation VR Launch Title

Ever since the announcement of Here They Lie, a PlayStation VR title developed by Tangentlemen and Sony Santa Monica, gamers have been kept in the dark in regards to its storyline. The trailers revealed have only sparked more questions as to what this psychological first-person horror game has in-store for players. However, we won’t have to wait too much longer before we are able to explore the world ourselves as Here They Lie has been confirmed as a PlayStation VR launch title.

Today Here They Lie had received its launch trailer which you can view above, but you won’t find very much info for storyline or campaign details. Instead, gamers are given another look at the horror nightmarish world where environments twist and distort.

Likewise, you’ll spot some of the enemy characters that are scattered around the world. According to the trailer video description, players will be forced into a nightmarish city inhabited by creatures. Within the city, players will follow a woman in yellow in an attempt to uncover her mystery.

As mentioned, you can pick up Here They Lie alongside the release of the PlayStation VR on October 13, 2016. For now, take a look at the launch trailer posted above and the game gallery down below.