Explore the Mind-Bending Horror of Here They Lie


A PS4 game was recently announced – a horror title called Here They Lie. It’s the first project by a studio called Tangentlemen. You’re taken to a nightmare city of darkness, filled with strange and crazy looking creatures. It’s compatible with Playstation VR, which means the scare factor is cranked up to 11.

Co-Creative Director of Tangentlemen, Cory Davis, wrote about how this game came to be in a Playstation Blog.

“A few years ago I was dragged out of the basement of a Berlin techno club (while battling a brutal Spec Ops: The Line come-down) for a chat with Toby Gard (Creator of Lara Croft and Tomb Raider), Rich Smith (of Call of Duty Modern Warfare) and John Garcia-Shelton (of Medal of Honor and Call of Duty). Something was discussed about beards, alchemical symbols, The Shining, and a chance to leave AAA development to take risks and make the games that we’ve always wanted to make.”

What Playstation’s Virtual Reality system really needs to define itself is having a mind-bending first-person experience, and hopefully this game will be able to deliver on that. Here They Lie is set to release sometime in Fall 2016 for PS4 and PS VR.