Hitman Episode 5: Colorado Releases Next Week, Here’s a Quick Look


The fifth episode of the first season of Hitman releases next week, and this time it’s set in the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado. Today, IO Interactive has released a teaser video for the game with a quick look at the gameplay for it.

And this is definitely a very quick video, being only 20 seconds long. Episode 5 of the game tasks Agent 47 with infiltrating a farm compound turned into a private militia training camp in order to eliminate four high level targets: Sean Rose, Maya Parvati, Ezra Berg, and Penelope Graves, each having a specialist skillset.

Colorado features 70 different challenges which allow the player to earn new gear, weapons, and more.

Hitman – Episode 5: Colorado is coming out September 27th. The full length trailer will be released that day at 7 am ET/12 PM UK/ 1 PM CST. In addition, a retail collection including the entire first season will be released January 31st.

The season finale, episode 6, which will take place in Japan, will arrive later in 2016.