Guild Wars 2 Expands With An All New Living World Episode

ArenaNet has announced the next episode of Guild Wars 2’s Living World Season 3 with Rising Flames. The new episode is set in an area familiar to fans of Tyria’s lore and players of the original Guild Wars.

The new episode follows the previous episode, where Legate Minister Caudecus revealed himself as the leader of the nefarious White Mantle, but his plans for the organization were thrown into disarray when one of their ancient gods, a mursaat called Lazarus, reappeared and accused him of being a heretic. And the tumult in Tyria burns even hotter with the discovery that the Elder Dragon Primordus is stirring once again.

In addition to Rising Flames, ArenaNet is releasing a new PvP map called Eternal Coliseum, a conquest map. Players must fight for the favor of the ravenous crowd within the arena inspired by the Romans. Players must attempt to gain control of three capture points, and deal with secondary objectives that offer additional strategic and tactical depth. At set intervals during the match, artifacts of the gods will become available for capture. Capturing the Sword of Reaping will automatically defeat any downed enemies that you strike and provide a 20% damage bonus to your entire team. Capturing the Shield of Life will give the player that wields it a free resurrection when downed in addition to 5000 bonus health and 100 toughness for the entire team.

The release of the new content keeps up with the studio’s promise to keep supporting Guild Wars 2 with new content every few months. Screenshots of the new area can be found below.