Death Stranding Has a Release Date


When Hideo Kojima took to the stage back at E3 2016, the audience at Sony’s Press Conference exploded with cheering and applause at the mere fact this iconic game developer made an appearance. But when he showed off the trailer for his new title Death Stranding, you couldn’t help but be confused and bewildered as to what in the world this game was going to be about. Thankfully, at the Tokyo Game Show, Kojima was more than happy to shed some light on what his game was going to be about, and within the past day he’s even given us a release date as to when we can expect to play this game for ourselves.

Taking to Twitter, one of the official accounts for Kojima’s company stated that a release date was obviously necessary when it came calculating their overall budget. As to what that date was, they had this to say.

For people who don’t know when the next Olympic Games are, they’ll be happening July 24th, 2020, in Tokyo, Japan. But this time-frame raises the question as to what platform the game will be on. Can the PS4 console stay around for that long? Could the game see a PS5 (or whatever they call their next-generation system) debut? When Kojima spoke at the TGS Conference he said Death Stranding would certainly shoot for 4K resolution and HDR support, making the PS4 Pro an inevitable option here. With an office and game engine, these next four years will certainly be filled with making this Kojima idea into a reality. The game is apparently going to have an online aspect to it, while taking place in an open world setting that will have freedom of choice to it. Back on Twitter, the official account stated that the game had a form of co-op play involved but it also could be played from start to finish in singleplayer.