Dawnguard DLC: Details of New Shouts Revealed in Skyrim DLC

dawnguard dlc

With the Dawnguard beta well underway, some of its participants have begun to leak information out with details of the new shouts, weapons and assorted additions to Skyrim.

Dawnguard sees the addition of three new Dragon Shouts, which you can acquire through questing and discovering cairns. The most interesting of the three shouts is one called Summon Durnhviir, which allows you to summon an undead dragon to fight by your side.

The other two shouts allow you to sap the life from your opponents or rip their soul out and turn them into an ally. They're titled Drain Vitality, and Soul Tear, respectively.

Though the beta is out, it's extremely limited in terms of content so there's plenty more items that players have yet to uncover.

Dawnguard is set for release later this month on the Xbox 360 as a timed exclusive. It will be available to both the PC and PlayStation 3 not long after.