Dark and Light Is Coming Soon to Steam Early Access


Snail Games announced today that is fantasy survival MMO, entitled Dark and Light, will be arriving via Steam’s Early Access program this fall.

Dark and Light is set in a large and fantastical sandbox with a focus on exploration and discovery in a world without limits.

The game has been recreated from the 2004 MMO of the same name, the Snail development team is now focused on gaining feedback from players in the upcoming weeks. They will put the data they’ve gathered to good use in order to tweak and adjust game mechanics such as questing, level, dungeon design, and PvP mechanics.

Snail Game has also launched a teaser Website today, www.playdnl.com and also a game play trailer to give players a peek at the game world.

The features of Dark and Light include environments that are inspired by real-world locations, including volcanoes, snow-capped mountains, swamps, plains, forests, jungles, and many more.

The game is a “persistent, living world” that focuses heavily on combat where movement and battle have shifted from conventional third-person tab-targeting to an action-based FPS style system.

The game involves active participation through dodging, valuing precise aiming, managing skills, and magical abilities as keys to victory. Players can also tame many of the world’s creatures as mounts that can be used to aid them in battle.

In addition, Dark and Light also showcases beautiful fantasy biomes, such as a series of floating islands were players will encounter more than an already impressive 50 unique species of creatures as they explore the land.

Each has been fastidiously designed to integrate seamlessly into their respective habitats and behave as though they had naturally evolved into the world.

Dark and Light also departs from a traditional MMO with unique progression mechanics which include Mysticism and Magic. No matter what path a player should choose they will have magic incorporated into their skill set as they develop.

A limited pool of skill is allocated to level up, making it crucial for players to plan early in order to end up with a character that they are satisfied with.

Cut scene-driven storytelling and instances are emphasized over questing. After siding with a faction, (this determines the player’s starting city), the world opens up, enabling a lot of freedom which how players develop their characters.

Dark and Light has survival aspects that can be extremely draining, and surviving as a lone wolf will be no easy task. Learning about the world quickly is vital if players want to thrive, and support from other players in order to grow together in order to progress makes things a bit easier.