Mafia 3 Trailer Is About Defeating Competing Mobs

693371Destroying the businesses of competing mobs is just one of the many objectives that you’ll be completing in Mafia 3.

Mafia 3 has a new trailer out that shows one of the activities that will keep you busy in the fictional city of New Bordeaux. This week’s episode tackles mob rackets, and Lincoln Clay and his comrades’ plan to dismantle them.

These trailers are presented as pseudo-interview tapes, news-style clips and photographs in the background. John Donovan is featured as this week’s guest. The mob rackets deal with drug manufacturing and dealing, and even slave trading.

Once a mob racket is defeated, the player can then begin to build their new empire on top of the one that they helped to topple.

More about Mafia 3 includes the fact that its soundtrack includes over 100 1960s themed tracks. You can also make the acquaintance of the city’s “Voodoo Queen” Cassandra here. 

Mafia 3 is out October 7th on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.