Seasons After Fall’s Gorgeous Launch Trailer

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Seasons After Falreleases today, September 2nd, on Steam at 15% off! This hand-drawn puzzle game lets players dive into a captivating universe, exploring a beautiful land ruled by magic and nature.

As a clever wild fox, you are sent on a dangerous journey aided only by your ability to change the seasons at will, manipulating the world around you, serenaded by the sounds of a live string quartet.

In the launch trailer, you will see how Winter can freeze waterfalls, the rain from Spring raises water levels, and Summer causes some plants to grow and extend.

Each of the seasons has a drastic change on the game’s environment. It’s up to you to change the world and discover new secrets.

In this beautiful 2D graphic world, the wild fox embarks on a journey to reunite the scattered seasons and restore order in the Forest, as well as encountering the mysterious Guardians.