ECHO Gets Thought Provoking Gameplay Trailer


Back in May, I wrote about a game being made by former Hitman developers. The name of their new game was ECHO. The game studio behind it, Ultra Ultra, is back again to show more about what they have in store for us.

Our space exploring protagonist En wakes up in a strange ornate palace, built by an ancient advanced civilization. Being the domain our game here takes place in, we come to find out there’s an intelligence at work behind it. We’re introduced to the Echo Clones, which is probably where the game’s namesake comes from. These copies of our protagonist are equipped with the knowledge of every move we make, and they’re able to learn from the player’s patterns and decision making. Luckily it isn’t in real-time, as the palace reboots on a regular basis to update the Echos with whatever new data is available. These clones are hostile, if not also unsettling to think about. How do you outsmart yourself? That’s what ECHO wants to explore here.

This new trailer says the game will now arrive sometime in Spring 2017 for PC and possibly consoles. They’ve got up a website, Twitter, and Facebook, which will have further updates the closer we get to release.