ECHO Game Announced, Made By Former Hitman Devs


This sci-fi adventure comes from former members of IO Interactive, best known for the Hitman series. Their new studio Ultra Ultra just announced their first game, ECHO. They’ve uploaded an announcement trailer and have a Steam Greenlight page up.

The protagonist is a girl named En. She was in a stasis sleep for 100 years, journeying through space to find an ancient palace from a great civilization of the distant past. ECHO is a stealth and action game that promises to have consequences for your actions. En’s main task in the game will be trying to survive by any means necessary. The game engine that’ll be used for this is stated to be Unreal Engine 4. It’ll be interesting to see what creative direction the development team decides to use that engine in.

The trailer says we can expect the game to arrive sometime in Fall 2016. They’ve set up a website, Twitter, and Facebook, which is bound to have further announcements the closer we get to that time-frame.