Is the No Man’s Sky Naming Deletion a Bug?


Yesterday it was reported that No Man’s Sky deletes the names given to plants and animals in-game by players after a set amount of time. Today, it looks like there’s more to that story.

According to an update by the same person who brought the issue to the public’s attention in the first place.

HUGE EDIT KINDA FIXED MY ISSUE: Ok so after reading some of the comments I played around in the game a bit, I re-downloaded and reloaded the game for about two hours. I don’t know what happened but all the discoveries re-appeared on my starting planet. sorry for phone pic. I hope new news sites see this…It seems like a server bugs like it takes a while for your old discoveries to re download. Please spread the word and if you are having this problem just wait and see if your discoveries will return. It seems a little bugged where as you get further and further away from your starting point you can’t see your old discoveries even when you find your way back. It’s like the server lags behind big time and takes a while to find the old information.

But that might not be the only part of this problem. According to other people in the thread, they still have encountered the same issue and don’t have the same luxury as the original poster in question had.

Only time will tell about what the real answer here actually is.

No Man’s Sky is available now for PS4 and PC. To keep up to date with the game, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.