Halo: Reach’s Forge World shows epic possibilities

Halo reach forge

Bungie has released a new ViDoc detailing Forge’s return to Halo: Reach, due September 14, and boy it does not disappoint one bit. The sheer size of the map is just amazing compared to what Halo 3 had to offer.

Chad Armstrong, associate designer Halo: Reach, said,

We’re pushing what we can do with the Forge budget, so that lets us have many more objects on the screen at once, which lets us put many more objects in the Forge.

Go outside the canyon a take the whirlwind tour of Forge World — a new, fantastic point of view fit for way more than just the Blood Gulch remake.
Set on one of the franchise’s iconic Halo rings and featuring a multitude of faithful remakes already built in, only Forge World’s vaulting blue skies are the limit, allowing aspiring cartographers to take up where our map designers left off. Utilizing the upgraded Forge 2.0 toolset, a familiar, sprawling landscape, and your own imagination to sculpt, build, and share custom crafted maps, Forge World is more than just a map…it’s a blank, Forerunner-themed canvas with unlimited creative potential.